Avery 8167 Template

Avery 8167 Template

The Avery 8167 Template

Presentation is key to success, and this goes for shipping and packaging as well. Customized labels can create a positive impression for your business and help to communicate your unique style. Now you can create your own return address labels for home or business with the Avery 8167 Template. Avoid the time and expense of mail-order labels with this free, easy-to-use template that allows you to create labels right on your computer.

How to Use the Avery 8167 Template

  • First, download the free Avery 8167 Template to your computer by clicking download. The template should appear immediately as a new Microsoft Word file. (If the file does not immediately open, follow the prompt you are given to download again. You may receive an additional prompt to Show Downloads; if so, click on the prompt and you will see this file at the top of the list. Click on it to open.)
  • Now, enter the name and address. Place your cursor inside the blue text box and type your information for each line. Your text will automatically be entered on each of the 80 labels on the page.
  • Note that there are three lines: Name, Address, and City, ST ZIP
  • Remember to save the file. It can be reused or modified as necessary.

Tips for Using the Avery 8167 Template

  • Make sure that you are entering text from inside the blue text box, otherwise it will not transfer to the entire page.
  • If you have a second address line, you will have to combine it with the first. There are only three lines on the label.

The default font for the Avery 8167 Template is Twentieth Century Monotype, size 9.5, black. You can change the font and/or color, but be sure that your new font fits on the label and adjust the size as needed. To apply the new font/color to the entire set of labels, save and replace individual entries until you have a row in the font of your choice, and then copy and replace rows down to the bottom of the page.

Download: Avery 8167 Template

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