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The Avery 8066 template gives you a set of labels to place on your file folders. This template in particular has a flower design on the labels, but that is merely to make it more attractive. Having labels for your file folders helps you remember what the contents of the documents in the folder are and when they were filed. Having files grouped in folders also prevents piles of paperwork from stacking up that you have to weed through and dig up old records from. With the Avery 8066 Template, you’ll have your labels ready to stick on empty folders without having to go through and write names on the folders yourself.

How to Use the Avery 8066 Template

You can download and customize your Avery 8066 Template by simply clicking the download link. Just be sure to enable the macro so you can use Avery’s design interface for more options.

  • You can edit any of the fields of the template simply by clicking inside the text boxes. You can change the name of the field as well, for example if you don’t want your folder names to be company projects, you could change them to employee data, tax information, inventory records, or a variety of other documents.
  • You can print out the file folder labels on designated label pads. You can buy file folder label pads at local office supply stores or simply by going to the Avery Products website.

Tips for Using the Avery 8066 Template

  • If you don’t want the flower on the template, you can change the picture or delete it.
  • When you put your labeled folders in storage, you may want to place the folders within a file folder holder or section. You should place the file folders in alphabetical order either from front to back or vice versa. If you’re placing them in a large filing cabinet, You may want to label each holder A, B, C, and so on. You may want to organize each drawer or filing cabinet by department or division name if your company is large and has multiple operations.

Download: Avery 8066 Template

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