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Buying business supplies can put a serious strain on your overhead costs; copy paper, staples, paperclips, and up-to-date software are a constant strain on any budget. But, your business can not fully function properly without these little incidentals. Although CDs and DVDs are not as popular as they once were for storing information and music, they are still very much in the game. They are still the most secure way to store information. When computer systems crash, it is the original CD that is loaded into the computer to reboot it. The Avery 5692 template will allow you to custom label all of your discs without using a permanent marker.

How to Use the Avery 5692 Template

This face label template is one of those accessories that is a necessity for any business owner who works with digitally recorded music, pictures or data. This easy-to-use template allows you to customize disc labels to either reflect its contents or to give it a more personalized look. After downloading this free Avery 5692 template you can choose from a variety of label designs, which also include jewel case spine labels. The designs include seasonal landscapes, holiday decor items, downloaded digital picture items and plain word content labels.

Choose your label background, fill in the information that you want displayed, print and label the corresponding disc. The jewel case spine labels are just as easy to customize and insert when you use the template. Plus, using the Avery 5692 template makes these discs storage friendly, they are easy to read when stored horizontally or vertically. And because this template is free to access, it is one less item that pulls on your budget.

Tips for Using the Avery 5692 Template

  • Use the template to design a label for your round translucent or slimline disc cases that hold multiple discs. Simply add the names of all of the discs onto the carrying case label to use as a quick reference guide.
  • Use the template to make labels for personal gifts. This template is available to download for free, so use it during your personal time for labeling family videos, pictures, and music.

Download: Avery 5692 Template

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