Avery 5660 Label Template

Avery 5660 Label Template

Avery 5660 Label Template Screenshot

Do not take chances or waste time with sloppy hand addressing. Make sure your mailing labels are crisp, and your mailing arrives on time and error free by printing out professional labels. When your message is important, Avery 5660 Label Templates ensures you are heard.

About the Avery 5660 Label Template

The Avery 5660 Label Template generate small to large quantities of perfectly printed mailing labels. The label template is not only simple to download and use, it is available free. Download the Avery 5660 template right from this page, and get started in mere seconds.

The Avery 5660 Label Template Guide

  • First, download the Avery 5660 Label Template on this page. Save it to the folder of your choice. Once your template has downloaded, click the template’s icon to open the document.
  • Next, exchange the placeholder addresses for the correct addresses. Refine your work with the many customizations available with this template. Proofread the addresses before printing. It is much easier to fix errors ahead of time.
  • Finally, always save your work during the label making process. Retaining a second copy ensures you have the most up-to-date information on hand. You may also reprint the mailing quickly and easily should you need to do so.

Avery 5660 Label Template Tips

  • Be creative. You can adjust the typeface, font size, picture, layout, colors and more. Creating a unique and custom mailing label is a refined touch that makes the right impression.
  • Check the print preview to see how the labels will appear before printing. Make any necessary adjustments before printing.
  • Save effort by typing and formatting a single label to your desired specifications. Copy and paste it to create the rest of the labels without starting from scratch each time.
  • When it comes to data protection, it pays to save your document to a flash drive, or another location on your computer. The extra copy will save time if something happens to your original document.

The possibilities are even greater with mail merging data from a spreadsheet or database. The Avery 5660 Label Template is the difference between good and excellent.

Download: Avery 5660 Label Template

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