Avery 5392 Template


Free Avery 5392 Template

The Avery 5392 Template will help you organize your event flawlessly. With the ability to customize, type, and print your walk-a-thon name badges; recognizing your walkers and event participants will be a breeze and fun to do. Utilizing the template will make printing and tracking your participants’ accomplishments, whatever your event; better, more uniform, more precise, and easier to read than handwriting, and the templates are so simple to use!

How to Use the Avery 5392 Template

  • First, download the Avery template that is available for free right on this page
  • Second, bring the Avery 5392 Template up from your documents folder
  • Third, choose your customized data for your individual labels with participants information based on your project or event
  • Fourth, enter your chosen information into the easy to use template
  • Next, print your customized Avery template participant badges
  • Lastly, provide your badges to your participants to provide the ultimate in simple organization and tracking for your entire event.

Helpful Tips for Using the Avery 5392 Template

  • Remember that these are fully customizable, meaning you can change what you need to meet your specific event requirements
  • Use a font that is easy to see and read quickly from a distance
  • Don’t try to pack too much onto one tag, keep it simple
  • Use copy and paste when appropriate to simplify your work. (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)
  • You can use small stickers to cover each lap number instead of pens for an easy, quick application and tracking.
  • Review your work before printing your Avery template for any errors so as not to waste any of your name badges
  • Remember, the Avery 5392 Template can be used for more than just walk-a-thons, use them for any event or activity that requires tracking repeat actions for fun, easy tracking!
  • Don’t forget that you can also access the free, matching fundraiser pledge form to assist with easy fundraising for your event.

With the Avery 5392 Template, you can create professional looking custom walk-a-thon badges right from your personal computer!

Download: Avery 5392 Template

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