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Avery 5263 Template Free

The Avery 5263 Template provides a quick, easy way to print off shipping labels for your company that already have fields for entering your information, the customer’s information, and other information that’s important to have when shipping. With shipping labels that are ready to be printed or already have been printed, your employees can save time by simply picking up the label and attaching it to the box, instead of having to enter in the information themselves when sending out an order.

You may know Avery as a company that supplies office and home products for writing, printing, and other craft and design projects, but they also provide Microsoft Office templates for many purposes. These templates are easy to find and save you the trouble of having to design or organize business documents including shipment labels, on your own.

How to Use the Avery 5263 Template

The Avery 5263 Template is completely free to use and easy to find right here. You can simply download it and get started with customizing your shipping labels. Here are a few things you should do when using the Avery 5263 Template.

  • When you enter in your return address up in the top left corner of the label, simply highlight and copy it into each box to make the process go faster since your return address will be the same for every label.
  • Once you’ve done that for the first page, you can just simply highlight the whole page, add a new one, and copy and paste the table of labels into that one.
  • You may want to have a database handy with your customer names and addresses to paste in the customer address field.
  • You should also place order numbers on the label page and tracking numbers on each label to organize and make sure the orders don’t get lost.

Tips For Using the Avery 5263 Template

  • You can paste a company logo in the upper right hand corner of each label in each template if you want to add a little bit of creative color to them.
  • You can also add bar codes or zone numbers for logistical purposes.

Download: Avery 5263 Template

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