Avery 11437 Template

Avery 11437 Template

Free Avery 11437 Template

Printed divider tabs look much more professional than hand-written ones. If your binder is to be a part of a sales presentation, your clients will be impressed by your attention to detail. Handwritten binder tabs are also impractical because they are very hard to read. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the free binder tab card stock which comes free with your binder tabs and print them out.

If you are planning to print tabs for your binder, a template can make things much easier. Templates are available for free from here, and they are easily customizable to suit your needs. They are also very easy to use and you won’t need any special skills to make perfect-looking binder tabs, as the 11437 template allows you to use plenty of creativity.

How to Use the Avery 11437 Template

  • Download the MS Word Avery 11437 Template from this webpage.
  • Open the template in Word
  • Clear out the text which is already in the template – Highlight it and press backspace.
  • Type the titles for each of your tabs in each of the template’s cells. Begin with the one in the far left corner until you have all of the tabs that you need.
  • Load the sheets which came with your Avery binder tabs into the printer – with the direction of the arrow on the outer edges going down toward the printer tray, and the printed side facing you.
  • Print as you would with any Word document.

Tips For Using the Avery 11437 Template

  • Print all of the labels that you expect to need at once from one sheet. Putting used tab sheets back into your printer will likely cause a paper jam.
  • If you are using transparent binder tabs, color-code your labels in the Avery 11437 template file to make your tabs more visually appealing.
  • Don’t be afraid to use clip art for your labels instead of the traditional text labels. You can easily insert a small image instead of text for your labels instead.

Use our free Avery 11437 Template today to create highly-professional binder tabs that have virtually anyone admiring your work and professionalism!

Download: Avery 11437 Template

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