Autism Checklist


Printable Autism Checklist

Autism is a disorder that causes a person to not behave in the same manner as other people. A person with Autism will not be inclined to interact with other people, and will oftentimes becoming obsessed with doing particular things. If you are worried that a child has autism it is a good idea to download an autism checklist. This autism checklist is free to download, and it is very easy to use. The autism checklist can easily be customized.

It may be a good idea to download the autism checklist when your child first starts to develop motor functions, or if you notice that a friend’s child is not learning things in the same manner as other children. If the child has some of the symptoms that are listed on the checklist it is a good idea to take them to a doctor for a confirmatory diagnosis.

Tips on Using the Autism Checklist

  • It is a good idea to look into organizing the checklist with general symptoms listed in large bullet points. This will allow for a person to quickly see if they are interested in determining if their child is suffering from Autism.
  • Some of the examples of things an Autistic person may do should then be listed in sub-bullet points. This will allow a person to check to see if a person is doing those things. It is a good idea to point out that if a person is doing several of those things then they are exhibiting the general symptom.
  • The checklist should be formatted so that it contains boxes a person can check. This will allow the person who is filling out the checklist to review their answers. This can allow them to then look at the score, and determine if it is time for them to seek the assistance of a professional.
  • It is a very good idea to put information as to where a person can seek help on the bottom of the checklist. The information should be changed so that it refers a person to doctors and outreach programs located in their area.

Download: Autism Checklist