August 2017 Calendar


August 2017 Calendar Free

Do you need a quick and cost-efficient way to get better organized? Enter the August 2017 calendar template designed by Microsoft. You can download and print the August 2017 calendar in a matter of seconds. It’s available for free on this page.

History of the August 2017 Calendar

There are many unique things about the August 2017 Calendar that many people probably do not know. One thing you might not know is August and February have similar weather patterns, just in different hemispheres;February’s weather in the Southern Hemisphere is equal to August weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

August is the eighth month of the year for those that use the Julian and Gregorian calendars; the month is also one of seven months that has 31 days. Before becoming the month was known as August it was called Sextilis and one of original ten months in the Roman Calendar. The Month become the eighth month of the year when February and January where added to the year in 700 BC. Sextilis became August in 8 BC, after the ruler Augustus.

The August 2017 Calendar has other unique features as well. Did you know that know other month begins on the same day of the week as August in a common year, however February and August begin on the same day in leap years? In addition, August of the current year begins the same day March and November of the past year. There are many more examples of coinciding starting and ending dates that August share with many months.

Holidays on the August 2017 Calendar

The Month Of August have many holidays, Back To School Month (U.S.), Independence (Jamaica, August 6), and Pakistan’s Independence Day just to name a few, this article will highlight a couple.

Twins Day is festival that celebrate twins in Twinsburg, Ohio. The festival is the largest celebration of biological twins. The festival was founded in 1976 by Charles R. DeHaven. The festival has twin contest, a parade, and more; the festival takes place the first full weekend in August.

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