August 2015 Calendar


Our Microsoft Excel August 2015 calendar template is available for free download to all visitors of our web site. This calendar has standard date gridding and the option of Sunday initial or Monday initial week flow arrangement. It has large spaces so that you can enter all the information you may desire to record.

The zoom in and zoom out feature allows for quick overviews of the month as well as more detailed week or day viewings. Once downloaded, the template can be easily customized by simply clicking over a date and beginning to type. Color coding can be done to highlight different types of days. For example, weekends and week days, work days and off days, Sundays and holidays, etc. There is space at the bottom of the page for extra notes as well. Once adjusted as desired, the calendar can be printed.

Using the August 2015 Calendar

The August 2015 calendar can be used to organize your schedule. Time is of the essence (as they say), so don’t waste it because you didn’t plan ahead! Forgetfulness is easy to come by in the midst of a busy, hectic month, but a calendar such as this one offers you the opportunity to be prepared to do everything on time all month long.

Budgeting can be assisted by writing in due dates for important bills, bank account deposit dates, pay dates, planned purchases or actual expenditures, etc. A budget is more easily adhered to when you have a day-by-day reminder before you. The same goes for time management.

Special Dates on the August 2015 Calendar

August is one of the few months devoid of federal holidays, but you can add in any local or religious holidays you wish. Assumption of Mary Day is on Saturday the 15th. International Friendship Day occurs on Sunday the 2nd. And left-handers will be pleased to enter International Left-handers’ Day in the Thursday the 13th slot on the August 2015 calendar.

Download: August 2015 Calendar

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