August 2014 Calendar


Free August 2014 Calendar

This online August 2014 calendar is free and available to all. It is an excellent though simple tool for outlining upcoming events and remembering them before they happen. It is customizable, downloadable and easily printable. One can reduce the stress of not having a plan for the future and organize and schedule and budget for the months ahead.

Features and Uses of the August 2014 Calendar

The user can add his or her own special days to the online calendar before printing it. Adding moon phases and local holidays are optional features of this calendar. There is adequate spacing at the bottom for note taking. The standard square numbered spaces running from Sunday to Saturday are used.

With an August 2014 calendar such as this, one can see the whole month of August at a glance and be reminded of their formerly scheduled plans. Bills, planned purchases, payroll information, planned savings deposits, payments on loans, family outings, birthdays, step-by-step project deadlines, work and off days, and much more can be laid out in visual form for easy reference.

Special Days on the August 2014 Calendar

While there are no federal holidays on the August 2014 calendar, one can add their own special days and local or unusual holidays such as International Friendship Day (on the 3rd, a Sunday), International Left-handers Day (on the 13th, a Wednesday), and Assumption of Mary and St. Bartholomew’s Day (on Friday the 15th and Sunday the 24th respectively).

Planning and organizing your month has never been easier or cheaper. This free August calendar for the year 2014 is an excellent way to keep everything “right on schedule” and accomplish your goals for the month. You can download and print the August 2014 calendar instantly for free today courtesy of!

Download: August 2014 Calendar

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