April 2016 Calendar


The April 2016 calendar template is a simple calendar that can be used in Microsoft Excel. The calendar features a simple blue heading, with large boxes for each day that can fit multiple tasks, appointments, etc.

The April 2016 calendar is free to download. Using a calendar for both social and work related events can be an easy way to organize each day and reduce stress. It can also make one aware of how much time is taken up by activities each day and how much time is left for downtime. In this technological era, the April 2016 calendar template is a great tool for bringing productivity up in one’s life. Don’t stop at just the April 2016 calendar, however, download all the calendar templates to remain productive throughout the year.

April 2016 Calendar Holidays and Observances

April 1- April Fool’s Day
A day dedicated to practical jokes and pranks. The day is not only celebrated between friends and families, but has also be adopted by the media. Nothing should be taken too seriously on April 1st.

April 15- Income Taxes are Due

April 22- Earth Day
Earth Day is a global holiday used to raise awareness about the Earth and the environment. It is celebrated either on the first day of spring or on April 22nd, although, both can be celebrated.

April 23- Passover
A Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jewish people’s liberation from slavery in Ancient Egypt. It is told in the book of Exodus that God inflicted ten plagues upon the Egyptians in order for the Pharaoh to release the Jewish slaves.

April 27- Administrative Professionals Day
Previously known as Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day is a holiday that commemorates the hard work and achievements of administrative employees. It is sometimes also celebrated as an entire week.

Download: April 2016 Calendar

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