April 2014 Calendar


The April 2014 calendar often marks the beginning of spring in the United States, although the true beginning of spring occurs about one week earlier. April is a time of new growth and birth in both the animal and plant kingdoms. Flowers begin to bloom and birds begin to sing in the warmth of the season. As far as lunar phases go, the full moon of this month will occur on April 15th and the new moon will occur on April 29th in 2014.

The April 2014 calendar begins on a Tuesday, which is the day of the week that April 1st falls. This thirty-day month ends on Wednesday, April 30th. During this month, there are many things to enjoy in 2014 including sports, the outdoors and holidays.

Special Observances on the April 2014 Calendar

The April 2014 calendar has quite a few special days to remember. April 1st, which is also known as April Fool’s Day, is a fun day to kick off the month because it is often full of pranks and practical jokes. April is an important month for Christian observances. In the April 2014 calendar these observances include Palm Sunday (April 13), Good Friday (April 18), and Easter Sunday (April 20).

The Holy Week is observed during April as well. Passover, a Jewish holiday, starts on April 15th and continues until April 22nd this year.

The third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, has his birthday observed during April as well, April 13th. Another important day to keep in mind if you live in the United States is April 15th. This is the day that income taxes must be filed to avoid a late penalty. April is a month full of things to do and observe for many different reasons, both religious as well as secular.

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