Annual Budget Template

Annual Budget Template

Keep track of your annual budget this year by using the Annual Budget Template. It can be hard to keep all your financial information together but this template gives you a way to track it all on one page. Just enter the amount you want for your budget and the template will provide you with the much-needed space to properly organize this information once and for all. The template sheet also lists your expenses and income data on their own page; now you’ll never mix them up. Download the free template today to take control of your yearly finances.

How to Use the Annual Budget Template

Start in the “Setup” page of the document by clicking on the tab at the very bottom of the screen.

This page includes some helpful instructions on how to use this Annual Budget, however, you can simply enter the budget you want to stick to in the space below and continue following along with these instructions instead.

The “Expenses” and “Income: tabs are where you will enter your major income sources and recurring expenses. You can start in either one; just click a tab to begin. Once you have chosen a tab, enter all the relevant information that is asked by the table.

For example, in the “Expenses” tab, you will see separate sections to the far left and a list of items in the main table. You would simply go through each category and enter the amount you spend on a monthly basis.

You will follow a similar pattern with the “Income” tab as well. Just enter any major sources of income for your household. Note, you can easily change the categories or subtopics by clicking inside a cell and writing something new.

When you finish entering your income and expense items, you can continue to the “Summary” page to receive a comprehensive breakdown of all the information you’ve entered. Each category is color-coordinated so you can easily find the information you’re looking for. There is also a graph at the bottom of this page that shows you how much each category takes out of your budget.

With this information, you can make choices to allocate funds from one section to another or decided to cut costs in certain areas to save money.
Stay on budget using the Annual Budget Template.

Download: Annual Budget Template