2016-17 School Calendar


Printable 2017-18 School Calendar

The goal of any school year is to keep everything on track. The only way to do that is by having a 2016-17 School Calendar that can keep things on track. Some may wonder why plan ahead, but planning ahead is smart and it makes sure that all the important dates are in place. Whether it is a school system or an individual makes no difference, using a customizable 2016-17 School Calendar sale template Word document can help.

By being able to customize the 2016-17 School Calendar, it allows a product that has unique representation. Rather than a cookie cutter calendar that looks standard, this one can have logos from the school or anything else a person wants to add. The Microsoft Word template allows a person to make a great school calendar and make it looked both polished and professional.

How to Use the 2016-17 School Calendar Template Word Document

  • First, take a moment and add any school logos, as well as the name and address of the location. If the school has a slogan, be sure to include that as well.
  • Second, set up specific dates and anything that needs to be included for that date. For instance, if it is a homecoming dance, be sure to add that and even a little graphic that goes along with that event. The spaces can be increased or decreased depending on the amount of information that needs to go into each box.
  • Third, play around with the fonts and colors and customize the document to perfection. There are hundreds of fonts on Word and they can be used with this calendar.

Tips for Using the 2016-17 School Calendar Template Word Document

  • First, if this calendar is being used by an individual, then it can be customized with family information too. For a school, adding special sayings or even pictures of special times during the year is encouraged. Have fun with the calendar and make it colorful, not bland.
  • Second, go over the data that needs to be entered several times, make sure not to leave anything out. Save the document and add to or delete anytime between now and then.

Download: 2016-17 School Calendar

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