2015 Quarterly Calendar

2015 Quarterly Calendar

This is the perfect calendar for anyone who works in an office and follows a quarterly schedule and wants to be ready for 2015. Our 2015 Quarterly Calendar is split into 4 simple pages featuring the dates and days of each month for that quarter.

The easy to read calendar is set against a simple white background, and has the numbers of the month for that quarter bolded in addition to all Sundays being highlighted to contrast the black text.

How to use the 2015 Quarterly Calendar

Download the calendar using the link at the bottom of the page and the document will open into Word and consist of 4 pages. Because the calendar is already pre-populated for 2015, you can choose to leave it as it is.

You can also customize it to your quarterly business needs. In Word, you can highlight and change the color of a number or text line by selecting it and choosing “highlight” or “color change” from the Home toolbar.

Tips for using the 2015 Quarterly Calendar

The best usage of this calendar is to utilize it for your specific business deadlines and requirements. Highlight pay days, deadlines for sales reports, or whatever your job requires quarterly or monthly. Since it opens in Word, you can keep it on your work desktop and check your schedule each day on it. Another tip is to print out all four pages and keep them posted at your work station for easy access.

Get a head start on your business for 2015.  Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: 2015 Quarterly Calendar

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