2015 Photo Calendar

2015 Photo Calendar

2015 Photo Calendar

Our truly unique 2015 Photo Calendar is perfect for the person who loves the charm of rich imagery in their monthly calendar pages. This pre-populated 2015 calendar is designed to cater to the lover of aesthetics, and is easily customizable to match your desires.

How to use the 2015 Photo Calendar

Click the download link at the bottom of the page and the 2015 Photo Calendar will open in your Word program as a document. The 2015 calendar is already filled in with the days of the month and their corresponding dates on the right side column, along with the top header highlighting what month the page features.

In the center of each page is a colorful, lively picture of a vegetable or a fruit; however these can be changed to any image to suit your needs. Simply click on the image, select “cut”, and then add a new photo of your choosing by selecting “insert image” and picking one from your saved images.

Once your calendar pictures have been changed to what you want, you can save the calendar to your desktop or print each page out to hang on your wall.

Tips for using the 2015 Photo Calendar

Because the calendar is in your Word program, there are lots of ways to customize it and make it your own:

  • Change the colors of the important dates on the right side column to match important events, dates, and holidays.
  • You can insert multiple smaller images on each page rather than one large image. Simply insert the images and line them up in the center to how you want them. This is great for family collages.
  • Print your calendar out and punch 3 holes on the left side so it will fit into a 3-ring binder. This way you can have a cover sheet for each month, and add that month’s paperwork after each month.
  • Choose images that correspond with a goal for each month. You can use inspirational quotes, healthy meals, or exercise pictures to fit what you want to focus on for that month.

Click the link below to download your 2015 Photo Calendar and enjoy a colorful new year.  Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: 2015 Photo Calendar

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