2015 Illustrated Seasonal Calendar

2015 Illustrated Seasonal Calendar

2015 Illustrated Seasonal Calendar

The 2015 seasonal calendar is for the nostalgic at heart – the person who loves their online calendars but misses the unique charm of a themed, illustrated calendar to hang on the wall. This PowerPoint based 12 page calendar features that imagery charm and still allows you to schedule and enter events into the calendar right from your computer.

How to use the 2015 illustrated seasonal calendar

The 2015 seasonal calendar template is extremely easy to use. Contained in the PowerPoint format, there are 12 sides, one for each month, and each are pre-filled with the dates, days, and holidays for 2015. Additionally, each month features a seasonal based image that adds color and attraction.

Each day on the calendar is ready for text to be entered. Appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, and more can all be entered for the entire year. Enjoy the ease of entering in reminders on a beautiful online calendar.

Tips for using the 2015 illustrated seasonal calendar

While the seasonal calendar template can be used to just enter events and reminders, there is more you can get out of this download:

  • Having the PowerPoint open on your computer will allow you to make swift edits and additions so you won’t forget about that last-minute party.
  • After you’ve filled in your calendar, you can print all 12 pages and put them together to be hung up as a regular calendar. Enjoy the benefit of having online and offline access to this template.
  • Share the calendar template with friends so they can enter their own event reminders. You won’t forget your neighbor’s annual barbeque after they add it, and they’ll have your holiday party marked onto their copy.

Download the free 2015 illustrated seasonal template by clicking the link below and enjoy your new calendar.

Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: 2015 Illustrated Seasonal Template

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