2015 Calendar Template


Screenshot of the 2015 Calendar Template

Calendars are perfect for keeping up with life’s demands and helpful to look up a day in the future for a holiday to get away from it all. Keep track of birthdays, special events, lesson plans, doctor appointments, business conferences, and stay organized from one year to the next. Calculate the days between important dates. Keep all important events in one place or countdown to one in particular. Download and use this 2015 Calendar template Excel for work or business for free today.

How to use the 2015 Calendar Template Excel Document

This versatile template is available at no cost to you on this page. Why spend money on readymade 2015 calendars when you can have a customized calendar downloaded here for free? There are no restrictions on the amount of times you can download the template.

Once downloaded, customize the template in Excel. Have one on your fridge that says the dates of your kids play highlighted. Print a dozen for employees to countdown until the big client comes. Print one for your significant other and that vacation the two of you want to go on. Print one or yourself that has all the dates in one spot so you can remember everything you have to do. Print one for your desk, a second for your wall, a third for work, print as many as you like at absolutely no cost to you.

Tips for Using the 2015 Calendar Template Excel Document

  • Decide if you want your calendar to start on Sunday or Monday.
  • Add your birthdays, appointments, work schedule or other dates to remember.
  • You can edit color options for the overall calendar and for each date.
  • Save personal dates in one color, business dates in another, important school dates in another.
  • Color-coordinate with your home and office decor.
  • Add personal notes in the note field.
  • Perfect for military families or those with family living abroad. You can note both U.S. and international holidays.
  • Why buy calendars that don’t highlight religious holidays you recognize? Customize to your favorite holidays, church dinners, and family traditions on the free 2015 Calendar Template Excel.

Download: 2015 Calendar Template

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