2015-16 School Calendar


Every school year requires foresight and careful planning. You need to know which day to start lessons and which days can be rearranged for unexpected circumstances. You need to know which date starts the school week and which weekday holidays fall on. In short, you need this 2015-16 School Calendar.

Plan Ahead with the 2015-16 School Calendar

It is very difficult to find full size calendars for exact years ahead of time. But you can print out a calendar for the spring semester of 2016 from any printer. You can customize this 2015-16 School Calendar to reflect holidays or special events, like field trips or training seminars. You will find plenty of room for notes in the top and on each date. There is no purchase price or shipping and handling, just point and click.

The 2015-16 School Calendar is free to download from any computer in only a few seconds. It requires Microsoft Word, a very common program and 30KB of memory. That is about the same as a one-page document, so it will not encumber your hard drive at all. You can save any customizations made to the template easily and even email the 2015-16 School Calendar to a colleague for collaboration projects.

The calendar template is very simple to use.

  • Click “Download”
  • Open the file in your downloads folder.
  • Click on the icon to add text.
  • Customize the year and month.
  • The dates are automatically added for you.
  • Click on individual dates to make notes.
  • Save or email your custom made calendar.
  • Click and print.

Many users like to put their custom calendars on their computers as wallpaper or background graphics. It makes it faster to simply look at their screen without the time consumed opening files. With so many overlapping dates to remember, a reliable calendar is an absolute necessity. With this free, customizable and accurate nine month calendar you will not miss a deadline or forget which day tests must be arranged. You can plan far in advanced with this 2015-16 School Calendar.

Download: 2015-16 School Calendar

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